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Wealth of bag

Wealth of bags

New materials of the Industrial Revolution (about 1760-1830) such as “papier-mâché, iron and polished steel” saw the bag also take new “distinctive forms”. The reticule was gaining popularity but later became “redundant”. Clothes fashion reverted to wider skirts and the pockets were reborn, around 1830 until the 20th century. The harness with suspended articles from earlier centuries resurfaced with the wider dresses of the 19th century.

French lady or ‘Chatelaine’ kicked out

‘Chatelaine’, which is French for “lady of the manor”, refers to the medieval women with keys worn on her belt. The 19th century women also hung various useful items on chatelaines. Another practical yet fashionable alternative, the chatelaine bag, became popular with the introduction of crinoline, which saw the bag hung from the skirt.

When travel became more common, more variety came along. The small hand luggage was the “true predecessor of the handbag”, which was used for train travel, visits and shopping trips. The early 20th century sees the chatelaine and the chatelaine bag out and the handbag in.

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