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What Bag Should You Buy?

Firstly, let us know more about bag!

The Early Days
kaididstore-buttonBags have long been in existence for their functional use as much as for their fashionable appeal. Many artifacts, paintings and other artistic depictions show bags existed during the middle ages. In those days, clothes have no pockets and bags were functional accessories that were used to carry money and other essentials. Bags with compartments were fashioned out of various materials including leather, linen, silk and velvet. There were a variety of bags, from robust buckle bags “with no less than eighteen hidden pockets” to drawstring leather purses with metal ornamentation.

In early day, men and women generally wore their bags and purses around the waist and hanged using a long cord suspended from the shoulders, such as hunting bags- cross body bag. Buckle bags, however, were cleverly designed with clasps that only owners could open.


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