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The Stylish Fashion Accessories

Stylish handbags are no longer a luxurious item these days, but their popularity has increased to become one of the universal accessories for women. Alongside other accessories such as ladies watches and belts, they have allowed women to be well updated with the ever changing world of fashion. With their demand increasing each day, designers on the other hand are more determined than ever to make attractive and impressive products, which satisfy the needs and desires of the present trend. Nowadays, designers are even able to predict what women are likely to associate the bags with. For instance, most women accessories them with smart wear and suits to create a sense of professionalism. It is widely believed that once you dress in professional and smart attire, your productivity at work will be improved as you will have a feeling of professionalism.

Functionality and elegance

It is important that you feel comfortable and contented with what you are wearing as this will reflect on your life outlook and personality. Being able to follow the recent fashion trend is a critical aspect of society and it acts as a way of getting the population together. While shopping for handmade bag fashion, it is advisable that you consider your personal preferences and style. Fortunately, there are so many styles that you can select from and you should suit one that suits you best. With fashion nowadays leaning more on ladies bags, retailers are very quick to ensure that their stores have every design and style available on the market before they get out of fashion.

The functionality and elegance of these designer products make them among the most trending fashion accessories. They are practical product that you can use every day. New designs keep on coming up and the market is a hub of great differentiation. To get that appealing look you have always dreamt about, you really don’t have to stock your wardrobe full with these products. This gives you a huge range of handbags to select from and you can select the kind of handbag you need depending on the weather and social situation.

Look cool and sophisticated with handbags

With the handmade bag fashion being available in a massive range, this ensures that you don’t have to get the same designer bag that your friends or family members have. It is a simple way of being unique and communicating your taste for fashion and style. These accessories are able to make you look cool, sophisticated and collected. Regardless of whether you are a business lady or you just need a handmade bag that will make you look at your best when going out, these bags are stylish accessories that will make you confident and proud in public. It is essential for a lady to choose a fashion handbag that speaks of her status. Fortunately, the market has diverse designs and styles to select from and you will always find something that suits your tastes. Some of the latest styles are luxury, sports, classic, designer and trendy handbags.

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Why buy handmade bag as a gift?

Buying a handmade bag as a gift is a smart and viable option to use your hand earned money for a worthwhile course. While shopping and buying these handmade accessories is not the easiest thing to do, there are so many reasons why it is a pretty decision to make as highlighted below.

Support local artisans

red-cherry-cross-body-bagHandmade bags are crafted by local artisans and buying their products would be an appreciated way of supporting them and their talent. Everyone has a great role to play in supporting local businesses by creating a market for their products. What is even good about their designer items is that they are authentic gift that anyone would be gland to get during this holiday season.

Get high quality products.

Since these products are made by hand by the artisans, you can rest assured that every bag is made to perfection and you can expect the highest quality products that are designed to last. They are perfect Christmas gift that are built with a longevity mentality and anyone receiving this gift will have something to remember for years. Artisans are very proud of their talent and wouldn’t want to compromise it by creating poor quality items. Even the materials which they use are picked by hand, which is not the case with the big manufacturers where quality is always an issue.

Get the best gifts on the block

Handmade crossbody bags are certainly the best gift you can give anyone during the holiday season. These cool, unique and trendy gifts are one of a kind. They are not like other common gifts that most people are even bored of receiving.


Given that these tote bags are made entirely by hand, you can customize the bag to suit your tastes, preferences and desires. When ordering for them online, you can talk to the artisan directly and let them know about the size, color and other specifications that you would like it to have. For instance, if you are buying a handmade purse as a gift for your girl friend, you will be keen to ensure that everything she likes is included to make it as personal as possible.

Help the environment

If you are one of the persons concerned about going green, buying handmade laptop bags are a great way to showcase your environmental consciousness. Most of these items are made by local communities using green and other locally available materials. Artisans are very sensitive to the environment and are keen to ensure that their customers reduce carbon print in the world.

Buying handmade bags also gives you an opportunity of gaining a unique and treasure able connection with the artisan. When ordering the bag, you get into direct contact with your artisan and you can have a long lasting relationship. These gifts are also wrapped nicely by the sellers and most of them will offer the wrapping service for free and there is no better way to enjoy an awesome holiday experience than this.

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Benefits of ordering handmade bags online

Fashion conscious women will tell you their outfit is incomplete if a handbag is missing. In fact, majority of these women attach great significance to handbags, which are always a ubiquitous companion in every day of their life. There are so many reasons that make these accessories highly attractive to the women starting with the fact that most of these designer handmade accessories are affordably priced. With the recent Internet advancement, owning one of these cute handbags has become extremely easy and there are so many reasons why a woman should buy handmade bags online today.


One of the greatest advantages of online ordering of handmade bags is that you have a huge selection of beautiful products to choose from. Most of these websites have any kind of designer handmade bag that you can think about and you just need to browse through their collection and select your most desired bag. The best part is that you enjoy the convenience of shopping for them at the comfort of your home. Regardless of the time or place, online shopping has no limitations and you can place your order at the middle of the night, early in the morning or while at workplace and you can rest assured that it will be delivered to you on time.

Easy and simple ordering process

Nowadays, most women have become addicted to shopping for hobo bags and other designer accessories such as sunglasses and watches online as the process is pretty simple. Most of the websites selling these items follow a specific pattern during the ordering process. To start with, you will choose the product category you need to order and then check your desired item on the list. Once you have identified the handmade bag you want to buy, just add it into your shopping cart and you will be good to go. You even have the option of ordering the handbags in bulk. Then you will be prompted to the check out page where you need to enter your home address for shipping purposes and then make the payment.

Enjoy great deals

If you are a budget conscious woman searching for the lowest priced crossbody bags, the Internet is the best place to shop for them. You can rest assured that the price of bags in these websites is quite lower compared to what the local retail stores would charge you for them. Online stores incur very little operational and overhead costs and are thus able to extend great offers and discounts to their clients. Due to the increased competition among online stores selling these bags, most of them employ various competitive strategies to attract more customers to their stores. These offers also include excited free gifts as well besides the discounts.

When ordering a tote bag online, it is highly advisable that you compare what various websites have to offer. This will not only enable you to have a huge collection to shop from, but you will also land on the best deals possible.

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Synthetic & Special Fabric

wollen fabricSynthetic & Special Fabrics made from fibres that are not grown naturally fall into two categories: synthetic and rayon.

Synthetic fabric, such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, and elastane, are produced chemically from combinations of gas, petroleum, alcohol, water, and air. Rayons, such as viscose and acetate, are made from plant cellulose, which is regenerated to form fibres. Like the fabircs formed from natural fibres, most rayons are absorbent and comfortable to wear, but they crease easily and tend to shrink and ravel. Synthetic fabrics are durable, hardwearing , and crease-resistant, but they are not absorbent. Special fabrics include unusual and experimental textiles, as well as fabrics such as leather and suede, which require special sewing techniques.

Here are some of the many types of wollen fabrics:

Acrylic is a lightweight, woven or knitted fabric that was developed as a wol substitute. It tends to retain static. Acrylic is used mainly for sportswear.
A fabric made from chemically crimped yarns, this is soft and pliable, which makes it comfortable to wear. It is often used for blouses and evening wear.
A fine, cross-rib fabric, faille is similar to grosgrain. It creases easily. Made from acetate, polyester, or viscose, it is used mainly for dresses.
This fabric is made from wood pulp or cotton waste. Soft, absorbent, and mothproof, it drapes well. It is often used for dresses and skirts.

This is a heavy, closely woven, stiff fabric that has a pronounced crossways rib. Grosgrain is usually used for formal garments and evenings wear.
A soft, synthetic fabric, this is crease-resistant and hardwearing. It drapes very well and is used mainly for lingerie, blouses, dresses, and evening wear.
This is a densely woven, durable fabric made from very fine fibres, usually polyester. Some types are water-repellent. It is used for all types of clothing.
This loosely woven or knitted fabric has looped or curled threads for a bulky look. Made from polyester, viscose, or wool blends, boucle is used mainly for suits.

A polyester fabric, this is made to look and handle like linen, but has the crease resistance and ease of care of polyester. It is often used for suits and dresses.
A delicate, satin-weave fabric, charmeuse has a shiny face and a matt back. Made form rayon, viscose, polyester, or blends, it is used mostly for blouses and lingerie.
This is a lightweight coating with a soft, brushed surface. It is usually made from bulked acrylic fibres, and is used mainly for outdoor wear.
A reversible fabric with a satin face and a crepe back, thi sis made from rayon, polyester, and silk. It drapes well, and is often used for dresses, blouses, and lingerie.

A synthetic or mixed fabric, flock has short fibre tufts attached with an adhesive to form a pattern, It is used mostly for dresses, jackets, and evening wear.
This strong, lightweight fabric takes dye well. It is non-absorbent, but tends to build up static, and to ill. It is used mainly for rainwear, underwear, and skiwear.
This has patterned finish that is reversed on the wrong side. The pattern may vary from fabric to fabric. Jacquard is often used for making suits, jackets, and skirts.
A mesh-like fabric made from nylon, net is not suitable for wearing next to the skin since it is abrasive. It is often used for full petticoasts, ballet skirts, and costumes.

Similar to viscose but with a different chemical composition, acetate is lustrous, and drapes well. Is tis used mainly for dresses, lingerie, and sportswear.
A heavy, synthetic, non-woven fabric, vinyl looks similar to leather but does not breathe as well. It is generally used for upholstery and outerwear.
This is a synthetic, transparent, stiff fabric that is finely pleated with a crinkle finish. Care is needed when sewing. It is often used for evening wear.
A woven or knitted, lightweight fabric that is coated with polyvinyl chloride, PVS is tough and non-porous, and is used mainly for trims, rainwear, and aprons.

This is produced from latex, the sap of the rubber plant. Rubber is flexible and waterproof. It is used generally for rainwear, work clothing, and novelty garments.
This is a sheer frabric to which sequins are fixed during its production. These are heat sensitive and tarnish easily. The fabric is often used for eveningwear.
A lightweight fabric made from elastomeric fibres, spandex can be combined with other fibres to add stretch. It is often used for casual clothes and sportswear.
This is smooth and shiny, knitted or woven fabric that uses a metallic yarn. Knitted lame drapes better than woven lame. It is used mainly for eveningwear.

A fur fabric made from synthetic fibres (usually modacrylic) attached to a firm, woven backing, this is often used to make coats, jackets, hats, and bags.
This is synthetic, metallic fabric with a very shiny, decorative surface. It is soft to handle and drapes well. It is used mainly for eveningwear.
This is the tanned and finished outside of an animal skin, most commonly sheepskin or cowhide. Sold by the skin, It is used mostly for outerwear and luggage.

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Wollen Fabric

wollen fabricWool is a natural animal fibre spun from the fleece of sheep. The finest wools are made of short fibres, with the longer fibres producing a coarser fabric.

There are several types of specialty wool. These include mohair, angora, and cashmere, spun from the hair of particular breeds of goat, and alpaca, which is produced from the hairs of the alpaca, a close relative of the llama. Specialty wools are very soft and tend to be expensive since they are produced in relatively small quantities. They are often mixed with sheep’s wool to add luster and to improve the drape of a fabric. Wool is a versatile fabric and is available in several different weights, textures, and weaves, plain or twill weave being the most common. It is comfortable to wear and absorbs moisture well. It is also flame-resistant , water-repellent, and elastic. Wool is usually easy to clean, but it can be permanently damaged by sunlight, moths, bleach, and incorrect pressing.

Here are some of the many types of wollen fabrics:

This high-quality fabric is made from tightly woven, woolen yarns. It is hardwearing, does not sag easily, and is used mainly for suits, coats, and upholstery.
A strong fabric with a plain or twill weave, flannel has a napped finish on one or both sides. It is commonly used for suits, jackets, skirts, and trousers.
Obtained from the Kashmir goat, cashmere is a very fine, soft fabric that is warm and comfortable to wear. It is often used for scarves and coats.
Tartan is a checked, twill- weave fabric. Careful pattern layout is needed to match the fabric design. Tartan is used mainly for dresses, coats, skirts, and kilts.

This is a fine, soft wool with a slack weave and textured surface. Crepe is springy to handle, but soft types drape well. It is often used for dresses and suits.
A bulky fabric usually woven on its outer surface, coating often has a prominent nap. It is used for large, loosely fitted garments such as coats and capes.
A variety of fibres and wool blends is used to make this fabric, which has a close, twill weave. It is water-repellent and is used mainly for coats, skirts, and trousers.
This tweed is a thick, woven fabric that is produced in a wider range o colours and patterns than traditional tweeds. It is used mostly for jackets and trousers.

This rough, thick woolen fabric has a distinct woven pattern. It is named after the area of origin, as in Harries tweed, and is generally used for suits.
A bulky, reversible fabric made from two layers woven together, double coating is best suited to simple designs. It is often used for coats, capes , and sportswear.
A plain weave wool, challis is lightweight, soft, and easy to handle. It is often printed with floral or paisley design, drapes well, and is used mainly for dresses.
Any woollen fabric with a shiny, twill finish is called Venetian. Made originally form silk in Venice, It is now made from worsted yarns, and is often used for jackets.

Developed to be crease resistant and to breathe well, this lightweights, fine wool drapes and gathers easily. It is used mainly for full skirts, dresses, and blouses.
Plain knit single jersey has vertival ribs on the right side. It is used mostly for sportwear, children’s wear, and casual clothes. Can be loose, as shown, or fine.
This has vertical ribs on both sides and is firmer than single jersey. It is too bulky for gathers, but takes dyes well and holds in body heat. It is used mainly for suits.
A plain weave fabric with a hairy texture, mohair is produced from the fibres of the angora goat. It is usually mixed with wool, and is used mainly for coats.

A soft, smooth, silky fabric that has a loose weave, alpaca is often mixed with other ficres to give a lustrous finish. It is generally used for coats and suits.

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Recommend Section

Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly
With step-by-step instructions and illustrations of everything from the different types of scissors to the method for facing a waistband, this sewing manual, revised from the 1996 original, offers beginner and intermediate sewers a wealth of information. Hosegood starts with equipment, moves on to working with patterns and covers threads and fabric types; she then moves into actual sewing: handstitching, making pleats, finishing sleeves and applying pockets, among numerous other topics. There aren’t any actual patterns, but there are plenty of color drawings and photographs to guide sewers on their own projects. Each section contains brief introductory remarks, definitions (e.g., the difference between a knife pleat and a box pleat) as well as a sidebar of related techniques. For anyone who needs more guidance than a store-bought pattern provides, this should prove a useful resource.

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Linen & Silk Fabric

linen & silk fabricLinen and silk are both derived from natural fibres and are traditionally associated with high-quality, luxury fabrics, although today they are becoming much more competitive in price.

Linen is produced from the fibres of the flax plant, while silk is woven from the silken threads that are spun by the silkworm.  Both these fabrics are available in a variety of weights and qualities and can be woven together to produce linen-and-silk and can be woven together to product linen and silk mixes. Linen is cool and highly absorbent, making it a particularly comfortable fabric to wear in hot climates. It take colour well but may crease easily, so it is often mixed with other fibres, such as cotton, to increase crease resistance. Silk is available as a mix, or in its pure form, in which it is woven in varying weights.

Here are some of the many types of linen & silk fabrics:

This type of linen is a strong, absorbent fabric with a crisp finish. It crease easily but is comfortable to wear. It is often used for shirts, skirts, and jackets.
This is a fine, sheer, lightweight fabric with a plain weave. It drapes well, forms tucks better than gathers, and is used mainly for handkershiefs, lingerie, and blouses.
This raw silk is made from the waste created druing spinning. It has small fleckes of cocoon woven in with other fibres. It is used mainly for dresses and blouses.
In a silk and wool mix the wool adds softness and body to the silk, while the silk adds lustre to the wool. The fabric is used mainly for suits and jackets.

A soft and lightweight fabric, this has the lustre and drape of silk, but with a cotton weave, it is often used for bluses and dresses.
In this mix the linene crispness is softened by silk, forming a shinny, dense fabric. It is easy to handle and is used mainly for suits, skirst dress, and trousers.
This silk has a smooth, lustrous surface and is available in different weights. It is often striped and is generally use for dresses, jackets, and evening wear.
A smooth, crisp, plain weave silk fabric, taffeta has fine ribbing and a lustrous finish. It creases easily. It is used mainly for dresses, jackets, and bridal and evening wear.

This is a very fine, transparent, stiff, plain weave fabric. It is often used for trims, collars, facings, and fabric flowers, as well as for evening and bridal wear.
This is a silk that has been washed in fabric softerners to make it soft and slightly fad in appearance. It drapes well and is used mainly for shirts and dresses.
A mediumweight, smooth silk fabric, cre de chine drapes well. If bias cut, it gives extra drape to evening wear. It is also used for blouses and lingerie.
This textured fabric is treated with an acid, which burns away the nap to reveal a pattern. It has a luxurious feel and is used mainly for evening wear.

An open-weave, sheer silk fabric, chiffon is made from tightly twisted yarns. It drapes well and is commonly used for evening wear, blouses, and lingerie.
This silk is a soft cloth that originated in Japan. It is available in several weights and is used mainly for dresses, blouses, and jackets, and for lignin garments.
Made from double strands of silk, dupion has an uneven surface. It edges tend to fray. It is generally used for dresses, jackets and evening and bridal wear.
A loosely woven, sheer fabric with highly twisted yarns, georgette is often used for buses, dresses, and evenings wear. It is also produced as polyester.

Woven from irregular yarns, shantung is a mediumweight, plain weave silk fabric with a rough texture. It is used mainly for shirts, dresses, and trousers.

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Cotton Fabric

cotton fabricCotton has been used as a fabric for making clothes for many centuries, it is one of the most versatile, traditional, and popular fabrics available.

800px-Armenian_cottonIt is a natural material, made by twisting together the long , fibrous hairs that cover the seed pods of the cotton plant. These fibres vary in length and thickness, and have an absorbent quality, making cotton both soft and comfortable to wear. The longest, finest, and most lustrous fibres make the best-quality cottons, such as Sea Island and Egyptian. Cotton varies greatly in weight and quality, ranging form lightweight, loosely woven sheers to heavy, napped fabrics such as velvet. Other fibres, such as silk, are often blended with cotton to produce durable, mixed-fibre fabrics.
Many easy-care, crease-resistant fabrics are blends of cotton and synthetic fibres. Cotton fabrics are widely used for dressmaking, as well as for bed linen, upholstery, and other soft furnishings.

Here are some of the many types of cotton fabrics:

The quality of jersey varies. A good-quality jersey has fine, knit stitches, drapes well, and is crease-resistant. It is used for sportswear, dresses, and T-shirts.
A lightweight, plain-weave, strong fabric with even checks, gingham is often used for blouses, skirts, children’s clothes, and table linen.
The lightweight, plain-weave fabric creases easily and is woven in different colours to form checks or patterns. It is used most for making casual clothes.
Chambray is a light to medium weight, plain-weave fabric. It is easy to sew and wears well. It is often used for shirts and children’s wear.

This is closely woven, plain-weave fabric with a glazed finish. It wears well and is used mainly for soft furnishings and dresses.
A fin and cross-rib, medium weight fabric with a plain weave, poplin is both versatile and absorbent. It is used mainly for shirts, blouses, and dresses.
This is a lightweight fabric woven with alternating stripes of puckered fabric and flat fabric. It is often used for shirts, suits, and children’s clothes.
A lightweight, crisp, and plain-weave fabric, lawn is smooth and absorbent. It is often used for sewing blouses, soft collars, cuffs, baby dresses, and underwear.

This cotton-blend or cotton fabric has a plain, open weave. It is used as an interlining in tailoring, for window treatments, and when sewing test garments.
Also called crepon, this is pure cotton but may contain other fibres. It is soft and absorbent, and comfortable to wear. It is used mostly for dresses and blouses.
This is a transparent mesh fabric with large holes formed between thick, interlinking threads. It is used for vests, fashion garments, and laundry bags.
A fine and sheer fabric with a plain weave, voile can be either plain or printed. It is often used for children’s clothes, blouses, dresses, blinds, and curtains.

This decorative fabric is made from knotted, looped, or twisted thread. It is used as a trimming on items such as dresses, curtains, and table linen.
A fine, smooth, firm, plain-weave fabric that is closely woven, cambric is often used for children’s and baby clothes, blouses, and handkerchiefs.
A soft, loosely woven fabric, cheesecloth has a plain weave, a rough finish, and a crinkled appearance. It is used mainly for blouses, shirts, skirts, and nightwear.
A plain-weave cotton or cotton-synthetic mix, this fabric has shaped, embroidered eyelets punched in it, and is used for dresses, nightwear, and table linen.

This is a coarse, lightweight fabric that has a plain weave. It is used for mattress covers and sheeting. It is also used in tailoring to make test garments.
A double-sided, woven fabric, damask has a satin weave against a plain background. It is used mainly for jackets, waistcoats, curtains, linens, and upholstery.
This is a strong and washable, densely woven, twill-weave fabric. It is used mainly for casual clothes such as jeans, jackets, shirts, and work clothes.
This twill-weave cotton or cotton blend fabric has even stripes. It is used mostly for covering pillows and mattresses, as well as for making soft furnishings.

A mediumweight, firm fabric, moleskin has a fine nap on one side, giving a brushed surface. It is used mainly for casual shirts, dungarees, and children’s trousers.
This is a soft and warm, brushed cotton fabric with a plain weave. It is easy to handle and is commonly used for bed linen and nightwear. It is highly flammable.
This is a strong, cotton fabric with a twill weave. When dyed and olive colour, it is known as khaki. It is often used for uniforms, casual wear, and work clothes.
This fabric has uncut loops of cotton on the surface. High-quality toweling has loops on both sides of the fabric. It is used mainly for towels and bathrobes.

A hardwearing fabric, corduroy has lengthways ribs of pile that brush smoothly one way. Ribs vary in size. It is often used for shirts, sportswear, and children’s clothes.
This warm, plain or printed cotton has surface fibres that are brushed on one side. It is used mostly for casual shirts, warm linings, and children’s clothes.
Velvet is a woven fabric with a silky pile or nap on the right side. The pile brushed smoothly one way. It is often used for evening wear and soft furnishings.

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